Family Owned and Operated

TrussMate is a family owned and operated corporation in which some of the finest wood and steel trusses are constructed and maintained. Years of experience in the construction industry have allowed us to select the best options, offering the most simple yet safest choice our customers. In choosing the best option for our customer, we help to provide a high-quality and cost-efficient product for our contractors.

Over the years we have served thousands of happy customers. How do we know? Because they keep coming back.

Here are a few highlights that can be expected when working
with us :

  • Specialized workers trained and practiced in creating a sturdy, dependable product.
  • High-quality and cost-efficient products, not only provided in the simplest of trusses, but also in the custom made trusses.
  • Custom created trusses in accord to your demand, even made to be Energy Star Certified.
  • A history of customers as well as trades that simply love their experience working with us.

Certified Partners